Specialised Gold Coast property management.

When it comes to managing our clients investment properties there are varied considerations that form part of our process. At Taylors we understand that protecting our clients investments and nest eggs is our responsibility. We offer superior property management solutions to make managing their properties risk free, secure and financially rewarding.

We understand the culture within the Gold Coast real estate rent and property management market, that’s why we respect and value our clients as first priority.

Maximum Returns
Minimal Vacancies
No Obligation
Trial Period
Routine Inspection
Specialised Tenant
Stringent Arrears

Risk free property management… care to test us?

Established for over 25 years we have managed thousands of Gold Coast properties on behalf of our clients. We are proud of our reputation managing property in a truly superior manor, so much so that we offer all new managements our totally free trial period.

We exploit advances in technology, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most innovative and up to date developments. These initiatives allow us to communicate more effectively with our clients and tenants in order to create a more harmonious, respectful and rewarding experience for all.

Everything we do from our follow up and attention to detail will tell you something about the type of company we are and the standards we embrace.

We are consistently managing and leasing more real estate across the entire Gold Coast and have now begun expanding our reach to Brisbane and surrounding regions.

Results driven… Free or best value premium marketing.

To find the right tenants we understand that different properties need different marketing strategies. This is why we offer both free marketing and best value premium marketing options, ensuring our clients recieve the highest rental returns in the shortest possible time.

Our clients can rely on our expert knowledge of Gold Coast real estate marketing to showcase their properties, positioning them ahead of other properties competing for potential tenants.

Contact us today to discuss the best option for you property.


7 days or less… Lease your property faster.

Would you like to lease your property in 7 days or less?

The speed in which we transfer information to our landlords and tenants is at unprecedented levels. This efficient communication and high quality of service continues to see us lease over 98% of our clients properties within 7 days or less.

At Taylors we’re experts at maximising rental returns. We continually acquire a high percentage of new managements that see us realise an immediate rental increase for our clients.

Our experienced property management team have the expertise to ensure we find the right tenant paying a premium price for your property.